Tomasz Schreiber and the National Children's Fund

Maria Mach

Tomasz Schreiber was one of the early participants of the programme supporting exceptionally gifted youth which the National Children's Fund has conducted for over 30 years. The programme integrates the most gifted students from Polish schools. Even in this company, Tomek was exceptionally intelligent, passionate and hard-working. His talents were confirmed by successes such as the gold medal at the International Mathematical Olympiad in Hong Kong.
After graduating from secondary school, when his formal ties with the Fund ended, Tomek, in accordance with our best traditions, still kept in touch with us. As a student of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, NCU, he taught his younger colleagues during science camps. Workshops conducted by Tomek were always very popular among the participants. He not only showed them interesting problems from the boundary between mathematics and computer science, but also infected them with his passion and enthusiasm. He was one of the most liked tutors because, apart from his exceptional intelligence and talent, he also had rarer, but no less important qualities: good-naturedness and the ease with which he moved from talking about difficult mathematical issues to playing games with his younger colleagues. All his positive qualities came to the fore when he started to coordinate the mathematical workshops at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, NCU. He not only gave classes during the workshops, but also oversaw the efficient organisation of the workshops, including the meals and accommodation. He always welcomed the participants personally and spend a lot of his free time with them, not only discussing mathematical problems.
He did all of this even when his illness made it more and more difficult for him to function. It seemed back then that Tomek would put all his remaining strength into his own research and the struggle with his growing weakness, but whenever he felt better, he returned to conducting classes for his younger colleagues, all the time remaining the good spirit behind the ToruĊ„ workshops.
We miss him very much, not only as a great lecturer and coordinator. We miss a good, righteous and good-natured man. In the Fund community, where we not only try to educate young people, but also to help them make important choices and perfect their lives, a man like Tomek was particularly valuable. He devoted a significant part of his brief life to our programme. He definitely gave us more than he received. We will remember him...

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Tomasz Schreiber's Memorial Session